Extracting Honey

We Have Honey!

I am so excited to finally be getting honey; it is such an unexpected surprise! We started as bee keepers about 4 years ago.  A year later we were able to draw 5 gallons of honey about a year after receiving our bees.  The honey was so delicious, the best ever, but later that year the bees just left.  I don’t know why they suddenly disappeared.  A year later we decided to try again and bought another hive only to have them disappear as well.  I was very disappointed and didn’t know if I wanted to try again, but the idea of cultivating my own honey motivated me to try one more time.  So in April of this year we decide to buy not one but two new hives.  It has now been two months since we received the hives and we have drawn 5 gallons of honey!  Unbelievable, and I must say that this honey is even better than the first and I thought it was the best.  It has a thin, not thick consistency like most honey and literally taste like a light delicate flower (will post pictures when I jar it).  For the longest I had been trying to figure out the taste.  Finally, I compared it to the taste of the dandelions flowers for they are everywhere in the area where the bees hives are.  Dandelions are packed with health benefits so the honey should be packed with many of the same benefits since what they eat determines the taste as well as the health benefits.

As we continue to produce honey, I would like to  market it for sale so if anyone is interested in purchasing some of the best honey there is, please send me an email.