Health Benefits of Grape Juice

Another delicious, refreshing, healing all natural grape juice! Not only is it delicious, but just two glasses a day can provide the following health benefits.

grape juice acts as a diuretic by releasing excess water from the body, a powerful antioxidant that protects the cells and the cytoplasm in the body and fight against the formation of free radicals, reduces wrinkles, are easily absorbed by the body, reduce blood pressure, improve blood circulation, reduce the risk of blood clot, has many nutrients that fights against cancer and heart disease, maintain blood sugar level thereby helping in the control of diabetes, improve brain function, and have many other healthy benefits.  So drink grape juice on a regular basis for these amazing health benefits.  


What Does it Really Means to Eat Healthy?

 Eating healthy can vary based on your reason for wanting to eat healthy, but generally means eating a variety of nutrient rich foods such as protein, vegetables whole grains and carbohydrates.    We should all strive to eat healthy  on a regular basis, but the truth is, most of us don’t pay much attention to what we eat until we find ourselves in a disease or painful state.  If you are struggling with an illness or a disease, eating healthy can takes on a different meaning and level of strictness, and you will need to go far beyond the standard healthy meal plan.  You will need to eat foods that are high in vitamins and nutrients, foods that heal and repair organs that have been damaged as a result of poor eating habits.  This may including lots of fruits and leafy green vegetables with little to no meats. The makeup of the foods you include will be determined by the disease or diseases you are trying to heal.



MY Tree House

Airbnb conducted a survey to find out what are the top ten “bucket” list of the people surveyed.   To my surprise they said they wanted to live in a tree house before they die.  That got me to thinking! My husband is retiring soon and we were trying to figure out how to supplement his income when he retires.  As a result of the survey, I came up with the idea of a tree house rental.  At the time it was just an idea but as I continued to ponder and research the idea, I decided that it was time to make it a reality;  But  first  I had to convince my husband that it was  viable solution to generating income.   After much research on tree house rentals I was finally able to convince him to take action.    I found out through my research that of all the people renting tree houses, they all, from the basic to the most luxury treehouse, they  had a long waiting list of customers.  It seems that people are fascinated with tree houses.  I think it may have something to do with a longing to experience a childhood dream or, simply experiencing a time when life seemed simpler.  But whatever the reason, I was convinced that  a treehouse was the way to go.I talked it over with my husband,  he became convinced as well.  So we decided to move forward with its construction.

I was thinking of a treehouse “bed and breakfast” but because it is being built on our property in a residential area, I decided against it due to the legal restrictions.  Other than a day to day rental, I am at this time undecided as to its  purpose.  I am heavily into health and healing via natural means, and am therefore considering using it for a healing retreat get away.

We started the construction in Feb of 2017 and it is now June and we are nearing the completion of it.  We are hoping to have it completed and ready to rent by the latter part of July.  It  is coming along as we  had expected but more beautiful that I imaged.  Our home sits on 5 acres and the treeshouse sits on the edge of the 5 acres and adjourns another connecting 5 acres that will be used for exploration purposes.  I am so excited and am anticipating opening it up for renting.

If you are one of those people who have always wanted to live in a tree house, one that has all the conveniences of a home in a forest setting, you can get on my waiting list now.  Just send me an email and I will get in touch with you when it comes available for rent.

Extracting Honey

We Have Honey!

I am so excited to finally be getting honey; it is such an unexpected surprise! We started as bee keepers about 4 years ago.  A year later we were able to draw 5 gallons of honey about a year after receiving our bees.  The honey was so delicious, the best ever, but later that year the bees just left.  I don’t know why they suddenly disappeared.  A year later we decided to try again and bought another hive only to have them disappear as well.  I was very disappointed and didn’t know if I wanted to try again, but the idea of cultivating my own honey motivated me to try one more time.  So in April of this year we decide to buy not one but two new hives.  It has now been two months since we received the hives and we have drawn 5 gallons of honey!  Unbelievable, and I must say that this honey is even better than the first and I thought it was the best.  It has a thin, not thick consistency like most honey and literally taste like a light delicate flower (will post pictures when I jar it).  For the longest I had been trying to figure out the taste.  Finally, I compared it to the taste of the dandelions flowers for they are everywhere in the area where the bees hives are.  Dandelions are packed with health benefits so the honey should be packed with many of the same benefits since what they eat determines the taste as well as the health benefits.

As we continue to produce honey, I would like to  market it for sale so if anyone is interested in purchasing some of the best honey there is, please send me an email.

Welcome to I Wanna Be Healthy

Thanks for stopping by!  The goal of this website is to inspire you through articles, videos and other resources that will help you take control of  your own health.  So many of us have chosen to make someone else responsible for our health.  When we put our health into  the hands of someone else, we are at the mercy of their knowledge , understanding and their sincere desire to help our specific health issue.  No one cares more about our health than we do.  To take our health into our own hands, we must first educate our selves and become knowledgable of the issues that are affecting us.  Education, is the first step in becoming self-empowered.  The  goal of this website is to teach you how to become self-empowered through education.  So please visit often for I will be posting articles and videos about how to become and stay healthy.  I will also be sharing my own personal stories to help inspire you.