Thanks for stopping by!  The goal of this website is to inspire you through articles, videos and other resources that will help you take control of  your own health.  So many of us have chosen to make someone else responsible for our health.  When we put our health into  the hands of someone else, we are at the mercy of their knowledge , understanding and their sincere desire to help our specific health issue.  No one cares more about our health than we do.  To take our health into our own hands, we must first educate our selves and become knowledgable of the issues that are affecting us.  Education, is the first step in becoming self-empowered.  The  goal of this website is to teach you how to become self-empowered through education.  So please visit often for I will be posting articles and videos about how to become and stay healthy.  I will also be sharing my own personal stories to help inspire you.







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